Friday, July 1


On the way to Costco yesterday, there was a sign for Rainier cherries just up the road.  Peanut and I went and checked it out and they had both Rainiers and Bings available for u-pick. 

For $1.50 a pound.  

So I quickly called Hubs and asked if we could go pick some today?  Of course, I use "we" very loosely.  Because he's such a good sport, he said of course.

I didn't even think to bring my camera, but camera phones work in a pinch, so I'll let the rest tell the story. 

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend everyone!


Lucy Marie said...

1.50 a pound? That's a steal! I know you love cherry season just as much as I do. Enjoy them!

Tegan said...

Wow! What a find! It looks like you had a great time with your daughter! I love your flexibility to just stop on the way to shopping to take some time to make such a fantastic memory - and get some great fruit! :D


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