Sunday, July 31

And Somehow I Lived to Tell About It: Part II

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Before we went and visited my brother-in-law's station that first day, I also took the opportunity to snap some more family shots and guided my mother-in-law in snapping a photo with me in it.  Remember, it's all about being down at the level of the person/people you are shooting.  Don't take the photo from your level, take it from the subject's level.  ;)  And they turned out very well--thanks, D! 

During the first few days we were down there, we packed in the fire station visits and we were also able to see Hubs' brother play in both of his baseball leagues. At one of his games, the announcer would play sound effects and small bits of music between the pitches and plays.  Peanut's response to the music?   "I must dance."  Literally--she said that each time as she bounded off the bleachers to shake her little tail feather. 

We arrived several days before Hub's sister and her family arrived.  We were so happy to see them when they got there and we got to see this little guy for the first time in over six months.   Last time we saw him he was just a sleepy little love and now he is mobile and trying to keep up with his sisters.

Speaking of sisters, our oldest niece celebrated a birthday while we were's hard to believe she is seven years old.  She was in our wedding you way of mommy.  Hub's sister was preggers with her as a bridesmaid in our wedding.

Peanut's uncle also surprised his nieces and nephew with special treats from Disneyland from his visit a few months back.  Peanut was quite excited as she is quite the fan of Minnie.

We (Hubs and I) even squeezed in a couple of date nights with his sister and being at In-N-Out after a shopping excursion to Target.  What can I say?  I'm a cheap date!

We also were able to take the Peanut on her first adventure to the coast.  Although we live just hours away from the beach in HomeTown, SmallTown is a bit further and we just haven't taken the time to show her the beach, so this was a perfect opportunity.  It was a little cold that day because of the wind, but all in all a beautiful day at the beach.

Peanut LOVED the ocean.  If she had had her choice, Peanut would have been waste high in the water like one of her cousins!  Although a nice day, it was still a little to cold for that and Daddy kept her at close range.  She had a great time and although she was so very clearly exhausted when we left, she still managed to stay awake until we were about three miles from home.

Yes, our girl is still the avid toe walker.  Sand isn't easy to walk in, but she insists on pushing herself and she ups the calorie burning by walking on her toes.  Her little calves are like rocks.  I guess it's all about the opportunities.

But she didn't get that from me. 

I detest perspiring. 

I seriously didn't intend to make this a three part post, but alas it will be.  I have quite a few pictures left and dinner to cook and laundry to do and the house to clean, so hopefully the rest will be up later tomorrow.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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Lucy Marie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. So glad the flight and everything went well.


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