Saturday, April 18

21 Weeks Update

There are three things that instantly come to mind when I compare these pictures:

 1.  I realize I was working full time when I was pregnant with the Peanut, but gosh, I looked tired and haggard!  Couple that with the fact that we didn't know about using the manual settings on our camera and using things like oh, you know, natural light.  Finally, my natural hair color certainly didn't help!  (Oh, and mom has been doing my weave for the last six months....doesn't she do good work?)

2.  Look at how big the Peanut has gotten!  Whatta' doll!

3.  Yes, I am much bigger this third time around.  With that, two things:

a) So are most of the other bloggers I see who post their pregnancy progress pics with their #3.  So mom, it's not just me.  Ha!

b) I've been testing my blood sugar (I had gestational diabetes with Peanut, so I still have all my "gear" to test my blood sugar) and I am pretty much for sure that I have it this time around as well.  I have my next check up on Monday and I'll talk with my midwife about it then.  I am sure she will order up the glucose test early this time around, so I am guessing I should know for sure quite soon.  (Although I don't really need a formal test to tell me what I already know.)  Also, I've been trying to be careful for the last month or two, but I certainly wasn't denying myself--not to the point that it hurt anyway.  For the last week, I have been pretty much going high protein, high fat, and low, low carb.  And you know what?  I feel so much better.  I'm still tired with having a very rambunctious 2.5 year old little boy keeping me on my toes, but wow, what a difference this last week has made.  Hmmmm......and I won't even get into the implications this has on my overall long term health--except all these years of no exercise are catching up with me.  Boo!

Finally, and most importantly, we had our ultra sound this week and the baby looks really healthy.  So praise God for that--cause that's the most important, amen?  Amen

Tuesday, April 7

Easter 2015 in Pictures


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