Thursday, August 6

A Rainbow Birthday Party

We did Peanut's party about five weeks early this year because of the Trifecta's expected arrival date.  I'm so glad we did too, because I was/am feeling every bit of 37 weeks pregnant.  I can't imagine doing the party at 39 or 40 weeks OR even one or two weeks postpartum AND nursing at the same time.  There's just no way! 

It was SO ridiculously HOT this last Saturday, but the kids had a great time swimming in my parents pool.  So thankful to have that option of entertainment!  I'll just share the rest in photos. 

Wednesday, August 5

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

Again, this was over a month ago......but let's just ignore that teensy fact, mkay?

Just wanted to make sure that it was recorded for all to see that our little brother (soon to be older brother!) DID in fact, turn three.

Tuesday, August 4

Kindergarten Graduation

I am not even going to go there about how late this is. Considering this happened at the end of May.


OR how I even feel about Kindergarten "graduation."  I mean, really?!?!??

But I found these pictures all edited and ready to go and realized how I never even posted them.  And considering school starts a month from today, I better get these posted.  Otherwise, what's the point--amIright? 

Why, yes, yes, I am. 

Our girl with her wonderful Kindergarten and music teacher.  What a year this was!



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