My name is Jackie and I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, and a mother to one special little girl and one precious little boy.

My husband and I married  nine years ago and after enjoying our first several years of marriage with just each other, we decided to start our family.  Our little Peanut was born in September 2008 and life has never been the same since!  She has filled our life with so much more than we could ever imagine.  Our second little love arrived in June 2012--a boy this time!  He is such a delight and his daddy and I (and his sister!!) adore him.  And um, and can I just say right here and now how DIFFERENT little boys are from little girls.  Duh, I know, but seriously.  Crazy different.

Although I was extremely hesitant to become a mom—I had never changed a diaper and had rarely held a baby in all of my nearly 30 years—I now love my newest role as a mother.

I had always wanted to be a stay at home mom and this is something my husband and I agreed on from our first date (which was a blind date, no less!).  Many think if you can afford to stay at home, you don’t have any financial worries.

Let me just say up front—that’s not the case.

Although we have never questioned our choice for me to quit my job, it has been a struggle.  It has required some very tough decisions, the hardest being my husband needing to change jobs and move our family across state in late 2009 in order for me to continue to be a stay at home mom.  And God, being ever faithful as He is, blessed us with the opportunity to move back home in early 2012.

Prior to my career in mommy hood, I worked in the banking industry for 11 years, which also helped my earn my degree in Political Science Public Affairs.  The whole point of my degree is so I wouldn’t have to continue working at the bank, but that never happened.  I got comfortable with my nearly five weeks of vacation and didn’t want to start over.  Thank you, Mom and Dad for footing the bill for my degree. Although I don’t currently use it, I hope that it will assist in my career in homeschooling one day.  Mmmmm, as that day is nearing closer and closer and as our girl gets more strong willed by the minute, I am not quite so sure if that will pan out as I had hoped. 

I love spending time with my family.  I also love cooking, baking, and trying new recipes.  About three years ago I started being much more conscious of what I was feeding my family and I try to incorporate whole foods as much as possible.  As much as possible--but we are not perfect by a long shot. If that is something that interests you, you can read about my whole foods journey in detail here.

I have an obsession with limeades (yes, I realize this is a complete contradiction to the whole foods lifestyle!  Besides there are way worse vices....right?  Right?).  I have a new found love of taking pictures, but I would hardly call myself a photographer.  Not yet anyway.  :)   I love my finished scrapbooks, but I am not a fan of scrap booking.  I hope that makes sense.  I love all things girly and “pink is my signature color.”  Name that movie.

Nearly five years ago, a friend told me about a blog she thought I might be interested in reading.  I had no idea this whole bloggy world even existed—I mean I had heard of blogs, but I really didn’t even know what one was!  That started the obsession and about six months later, Loving My Domestic Life was born.  I haven’t looked back since!  My Mom was a stay at home mom and I owe all my “domesticity” to her.  From cooking and baking to decorating and stain removal, she's taught me everything I know.

Thank you, Mom.

This blog is collection of ramblings of our little life, recipes, helpful hints, and our milestones from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Oh, and that movie would be Steel Magnolias--just in case you were wondering.  


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