Friday, March 5

To The One Who Has My Heart

Is this really the eighth time we've celebrated this day together?  WOW.  Makes me feel so old.

Oh, no wait...that's you.   TeeHee.


So much has changed in these last eight years.  You called me after much urging from our dear match maker.  You wined and dined me (well, there was no wine, but you know what I mean) during our whirlwind courtship. You added me to your cell phone plan, after some ridiculous cell phone bills on both our parts.

You proposed.  I said yes.  We said I do.

We moved in together in a tiny little duplex.  We bought a house.  We did many a household project.  (We is a very loose term.)

We started thinking about babies.  You were more excited than I.  (I had never changed a diaper...I KNOW.)  We bought a family car.  The test confirmed what we suspected--"we" were pregnant. 

However, these last eighteen months have come with the most changes, or rather those that were the most life altering, and I am so glad that you have been right by my side as we followed His plan for us.

You went from having just one girl, to having your two girls, as you so fondly call us.  You not only "let" me quit my job, but you encouraged me to do so, despite not knowing just exactly how we would make ends meet. 

Your previous job threw several curve balls.   You withstood the pressure to provide with dignity.  You made the agonizing decision to move us for a better long term opportunity.  And this hasn't been an easy road for you--you left a M-F/9-5 job to one working nights and weekends, sometimes coming home at 3:30 am and going back at 10 am just to do it all over again.  Just so we don't have to do the baby swap and I could remain home full time with our daughter.   Let's face it...this one income thing is hardAnd you never complain. You come home each night with a smile on your face, grateful for the time that you can spend with Peanut and me. 

Thank you.  Thank you for being such a wonderful and caring husband, a doting father, and a loving provider.

You have my heart forever. 

Happy Birthday, my Dear Husband.


Victoria said...


Lucy Marie said...

What a great post. Happy Birthday to your sweet hubby!

Gail said...

Congratulations to you both, isn't it wonderful having a loving, devoted husband. We are blessed women.

Carla R. said...

Okay, I'm crying! :) (not so shocking, I know!) I'm so glad the Lord gave my dear brother such an amazing wife! Hope you guys had a special time celebrating, and will have many, many more years together...and a whole bag full of peanuts! Hahahaha! :) Love you all! xoxoxo

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Just beautiful! What a great tribute to your husband. :)


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