Thursday, March 25

By George, I Think I've Got It!

After some chastising encouragement from my mom, I have been making the effort to take the Peanut to the park every day.

Well, almost every day.  I figure if I get there at least five days a week, I am doing really good.  Either way, it is good advice.

So yesterday we did just that after running some errands.  Previously, I had been taking her to the park, letting her burn off energy and then we would come home, have a snack and then she would crash for 2-3 hours and then not sleep well that night.

Yesterday, however, we let her burn off energy at the park, then she had a snack when we got home, and then we let her crash--but only for about an hour.  DH got her up then from her nap and we all watched Idol together--you know some good family time.


We then put her to bed for the night and she slept for 9.5 hours straight!   

I know...this isn't rocket science.  It must be the Daddy component of waking her up...because I have tried to wake her up after a short nap in efforts to get her to sleep better that night...but it doesn't work for me.  I bring her downstairs and she just wants to snuggle and then she falls right back asleep.  I guess I need to turn on the TV or some music to wake her up completely.

She is so funny at the park when anyone walks by on the trail, rides their bike past us, or the maintainence man rides by on his big lawn name it, she wants them to know she is there.  She starts running to "keep up" with whoever it is and says "HI" and then starts jabbering away so just in case they weren't aware, now they surely can't miss her. 

And am I the only one who struggles with fixing their 18 month old girl's hair?  The Peanut does. not. want to sit still for ANY length of time.  Plus, she has also started shaking her head (this is in addition to the wiggling in general) while I try to fix her hair in efforts to get me to let go of her hair.  Pig tails are so cute, but if I can even get them in, they only last so long as her hair is still baby fine and by the end of the day it starts to slip out.  Maybe its still not quite long enough?  I was able to snap a few the other day before it all fell out...

What a blast she is!  Most of the time....


Melissa Stover said...

what beautiful pictures! the park is a great place to get fun pictures.

Brooklyn said...

You little one is adorable!!!! I love the pigtails!!! So cute!


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