Here are some tips that have helped me along the way....I hope they will help you too!

Baking Cookies with Butter-No "pooling" cookies

Brown Sugar-No more running to the store!

Chipotle Chilies-what to do with the rest of the can!

Cleaning Your Microwave the Super Easy Way

Cooking Bacon without the Lingering Smell

Cooking Ground Meat

Food Processor Tips 

Freezing Cherries

How to Cook Nachos

How to Make an Organized Shopping List

How to Peel an Almond-being a little more frugal

Making Exfoliant: Easy Sugar Scrub

Marking Items In Your Freezer-no more guessing games

Making Lasagna-No Boiling the Pasta (and you don't have to buy the no cook noodles!)

Making Lasagna-Laying Your Noodles for a Sturdier Lasagna

Recipe Binder-Organizing all those recipes you print online

Slicing Up Brownies-No Gooey Mess

Stabilized Whipped Cream:  Making Your Own "Cool Whip"

Storing Fresh Basil-Super Easy!

Using Leftover Tomato Paste-no more waste!


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