Friday, November 9

Four Year Old Imagination

Took the littles over to my Mom and Dad's today for a visit.  While we were there, we went outside for a few minutes.   It was a perfect fall day, brisk and cool, but DRY.  Peanut wandered off by herself and a short time later came running back to my Mom and I telling us there was "Rild Doughnuts" in the yard.

My mom and I exchanged a look that clearly spoke between the two of us, "Um, okay."

But of course this was never spoken aloud.

Turns out the Rild Doughnuts were some ginormous mushrooms that had started growing in the grass.


Wednesday, November 7

Fall Happenings

I love fall. As if you couldn't tell already.  Like 75% of my previous posts have been about all things fall related.  Today was just another photo op--Daddy and Peanut out raking our leaves.  Our "little" tree out front has gotten a LOT bigger since our last fall three years ago.

Enter in lots more raking to do.  I even helped start the raking on Monday, when Hubs was at work.

Yes, I did some yard work.  If you can call it that.  

I pretty much raked the leaves into three big piles.  That was as far as I got.  Because a) I didn't have anything to put the leaves in (we didn't have any big black bags) and let's face it, I didn't want to get dirty and then b) I was trying to keep track of two littles and c) in keeping track of the two littles, Little Brother lasted about all of twenty minutes in his seat and that was just as far as I got. 

But I tried. 

So they are out finishing up today. 

And just another photo of our little guy.  Peanut does a great job of entertaining him while I am making dinner.  She sings to him (Peanut originals--our little singer song-writer--Nashville will love her), dances for him, generally keeps him distracted while I make dinner.  And he is just absolutely enthralled with all things Big Sister.  Pretty precious if you ask me. 

Anyhow, while I was busy getting dinner ready the other night, I look up and our sweet little boy is now a sous chef

But he has to start somewhere, right?  



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