Wednesday, March 25

Our girl has quite the social calendar.

The last week has been pretty busy around here.  Busy for us that is.  I know plenty of people that are much busier than we are, but either way, we've had lots going on! 

Last week, our little Peanut had her second trimester awards assembly, for which she received a certificate for Highest Honors.  She essentially got straight A's or pluses in our case.  I didn't even know they did this in Kindergarten, but apparently they do.  And while one part of me thinks it's kinda silly (I mean it is just Kindergarten), the other part of me is really proud!  Kindergarten or not, this girl has learned a TON this school year.  She is reading now, learning to tell time, learning addition and subtraction, to count by 2's, 5's, 10's--the list goes on and on.  So the fact that she is learning so much and retaining nearly all of that information is impressive.   

She also had to do a country report this week (with a fair amount of help from mom and dad-which was expected) and we had the opportunity to sit in on her little presentation.  She did well--she just needs to learn to speak up a little.  I have no idea where she gets that from!  Ahem.

Yesterday, while the little brother and daddy were both taking naps, the Peanut and I snuck (apparently this is not a word?  whatev) off to the library to pick up a book I had requested for her.  I have been reading Beverly Cleary's Ramona series to the Peanut before bed.  My mom and dad gave her a big ol' boxed set of Beverly Cleary books at Christmas. However, for whatever reason, the publisher's included all but one (!) of the Ramona books in the set. 

So I requested it from the library and it finally came.  Since it was just us (sans the 2.5 year old), we got the Peanut set up with her own library card now that she can write her own name.  Well.  That just about made her year. Yes, her year. As the librarian was entering her application in the computer, she pulled out a box from underneath the counter with these cute little crocheted library card purses that some sweet little volunteer ladies make for kids who are getting their first library cards.  Oh my. You would have thought the Peanut was just handed the moon.  Excited does not even begin to describe it.  She tried to wear the purse to bed last night, which I quickly nixed for fear of strangulation.  But then, when we got to school today to watch her give her presentation, I saw her wearing her little purse.  Apparently, she brought the library card purse to school.  Which neither her daddy or I knew about.  Nice.  I fear the teenage years already. 

Lastly, the Peanut had her spring voice recital on Monday night (Grandpa's 60th birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad!) and she sang her solo, Singing in the Rain.  Me?  I cried.  Because I am a sap like that.  She did really well though.  It's amazing to see her confidence grow on stage each time she gets up there. 

So I will end with the video of her performance.  It's kinda cute. 


Friday, March 6

15 or 16 Weeks Update. Close enough, right?

Thought I should give an update on this good ol' blog.  You know, since I dropped some fairly big news the last time I wrote.  I've been feeling pretty well.  I was pretty nauseous and tired there for awhile, but the nauseousness is pretty much all gone (yay for me!) and while I am still tired on occasion, I am feeling much more energetic than I was even just a month ago.    As of this writing I am 15 weeks along, which makes the graphic below entirely inaccurate.  But, close enough, right?  15.....16 weeks?  Gosh, I am already starting to sound like a three time mom. I am just too tired right now to pull up CS5 and create that photo all over again.  In my defense, I didn't even have a photo with me and the little brother between 13 and 19 weeks, so the fact that I am keeping up with a pregnancy photo every four weeks is a definite step up from last time!

According to all sorts of information on the internets, the baby is the size of an apple. Or in my case, a sack of apples.  Whichev.  Apparently, the nauseousness from a few weeks back certainly didn't inhibit my caloric intake.  As of about three weeks ago, I started testing my blood sugar again (I had gestational with the Peanut, but NOT the little brother) and since then, I've been trying to be really good.  And I've succeeded for the most part--I've had dessert at a few family functions, but I've curtailed my nightly candy intake completely.  Yes, I know. Like I really needed that!  Just know that that is a very REAL sacrifice for me and I've been doing it.  I've also been watching my overall carb intake, so hopefully my glucose test will be good like last time.   

We celebrated my sweet Hubs birthday yesterday.  The last year of his 30's.  Wow.  Because we are always on such a tight budget, we celebrated by taking the kids to a nearby park--one in the northern part of our county that we rarely, rarely visit. Our weather has been unseasonably dry and also warm--at least for this part of the country.  We packed a picnic lunch and the kids got to play for hours on the play structure and kick the soccer ball and play catch with daddy.  They even got juice boxes--a rarity.  (You should have heard them telling my parents about it later when they stopped by....juice boxes AND the park.  It was the best. day. ever.  At least they are easy to please!)   Then we came home and we all took naps (every one of us!) and for dinner we had the Daddy's birthday dinner request--grilled carne asada.  It was a really nice, relaxing day.

Finally, just a little picture I snapped of the kids a few weeks ago with my parents lab.  It's one of my new favorites!



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