Friday, November 9

Four Year Old Imagination

Took the littles over to my Mom and Dad's today for a visit.  While we were there, we went outside for a few minutes.   It was a perfect fall day, brisk and cool, but DRY.  Peanut wandered off by herself and a short time later came running back to my Mom and I telling us there was "Rild Doughnuts" in the yard.

My mom and I exchanged a look that clearly spoke between the two of us, "Um, okay."

But of course this was never spoken aloud.

Turns out the Rild Doughnuts were some ginormous mushrooms that had started growing in the grass.


1 comment:

Alexis said...

Hi guys,it is ginormous!Anyways, I am sooo exited to see you in two weeks!! We're gonna have so much fun!Talk to you soon! Love, Alexis


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