Wednesday, March 31

Cloudy Day

We finally had a cloudy day today...I was so excited to get to the park. 

Cloudy is good for taking pictures, you know.  It provides for good lighting without the sun casting a ton of shadows.  

Spring has sprung, but the temperatures didn't suggest as much today.  It was windy, and it was cold.

Despite the chilling temps (at least to me), the Peanut still wanted to unzip her jacket.  Perhaps she thought it was balmy?

But her Daddy fixed it.

Her new request at the park is "Hand?" In Peanut-ese it sounds more like "Han?" 

She loves to walk hand in hand with Mommy and Daddy.  (Da-ee)

This is by far my favorite of today.  (She inspires me to take better pictures.  Although I am no where near  her level, it's still nice to aspire.  As the saying goes, there is always room for improvement, and in my case the only way is up!)

Peanut had lots of fun, taking a few tumbles, but never a tear.

She just dusted herself and got back up again.  She's a big girl like that.

We got to see some birds...

 and kick around the ball.


The Peanut had a blast as always.

And just plain wore herself out...

1 comment:

Lucy Marie said...

Such cute pictures. But PLEASE never say "we finally had a cloudy day today" again. Bring on the sunshine!


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