Monday, March 15

All Dressed Up

I was able to get some pictures on our unexpected trip to HomeTown this week.  Because I am cheap frugal, I didn't want to go out and buy a black dress for the Peanut to wear.  Plus, I think a black dress on an 18 month old is a little inappropriate.  I don't know if inappropriate is necessarily the right word, but they grow up fast enough, so I see no need to speed up the attire, you know?

Grandma of course is always way ahead of the game and got her an Easter dress several weeks ago.  Grandma also bought her this wonderful pink coat for her birthday for this last winter, so the Peanut also was able to wear that for the second time.  Although it's darling, the coat is not that practical.  But that's what Grandma's are for, right?  To indulge.  To top it off, the shoes were hand me downs from my cousin's little girl.  White shoes would have been perfect, but being um...frugal, I didn't want to spend the money on shoes that would be worn once.  Or twice in this case.  So black shoes it was.

Plus the Peanut was enthralled with the little heel on the shoes.  Again though, why does an 18 month old need a heel? was still cute to watch her looking down at her shoes.

As I look at these pictures, I also find it funny that the Easter dress manufacturers make these little flimsy, often times sleeveless, dresses for spring.  It is spring.  Not summer.  And where we live, and I suspect probably more than 75 % of where the nation lives, the climate does not warrant the type of weather to wear such dresses.  Silly, isn't it?


And the Peanut was definitely all worn out on the drive home, as she looked like this for about three quarters of the way...

Can't hardly believe she's ours.


Carla R. said...

Oh my word, such sweet and beautiful photos!! I love to see you all, yet it makes me miss you even more! We MUST catch up soon! Thanks for sharing, and great job on the shoot;) "Got it! Camera loved it!" Ha ha! Love you all!

Tiffanee said...

Such an adorable little girl. Love the pictures and pink was the way to go.


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