Sunday, March 14

For Papa

I've been thinking about this post for the past few days.  It's taken me some time to process the chain of events from this last's funny, I am not normally like that.  At least I don't think I am.  But it's pretty hard to be objective about yourself, so...

My Grandpa passed away this last week.  His health had been on the decline for the last several years, so this wasn't entirely unexpected, however it is still hard when your favorite grandparent passes away.

Can I say that?  Well, I guess I just did. 

He was my mom's dad and he was the grandparent I was closest to.  He always had time for me, and if he didn't have time, he made time.  When I was little, it was not unheard of for me to spend the entire weekend with him at his house.  I am sure each of us has a story that their grandparent has told them so many times, but each time it's told, you act as though you've never heard it before.

He loved to tell of one particular weekend I went home after staying over at his house for several days and after being home for a very short time, I wasn't enjoying the regimented lifestyle.  Meaning: I didn't like having to be a member of the family and help out.  I packed my bags and told my dad and mom that I was moving to Grandpa's.  What a little stinker!  But that story just tickled my Grandpa more than anything, and if I heard it once, I had heard it a thousand times.   

And I never tired of hearing it. 

I am so happy that he is no longer in failing health and struggling for each breath.  He was saved and that is what makes this bittersweet.  Bitter because he is no longer with us (I am selfish, what can I say?), but sweet because he is with our Father.  What a blessing that is!

The service was a wonderful celebration of his life.  My mom and uncle and aunt each spoke to what a wonderful father and grandfather he was to each of us.  How he loved babies and his eyes always lit up when one was around.  He was such a special and wonderful man.

The pastor who officiated said it simply.  Life is about our relationships.  The relationship we have with Him, and the relationship we have with others and how we need to take advantage of each.

And Grandpa did that to the fullest.   

I will miss you so much Papa, but I will see you again.  

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Victoria said...

I am sorry for your loss but happy to hear his gain. We can't even imagine how beautiful heaven is. My Pappy went with the Lord in '06, today when I took my lil one to the ER, they put is in room 5, the same room I last saw my Pappy before the funeral.. I still get teary eyed, but I smile because I had the best Pappy ever :)


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