Tuesday, March 2

Confection Tour

I love to see processes and how things are made in factories.  Many years ago on vacation, when it was just DH and I, we were able to go to the Korbel winery and see how sparkling wine was made using the "methode champenoise" method.  We also were able to see the Jelly Belly factory and see how Jelly Bellys  are made.

I know.  I am a nerd.  But the free samples are worth it alone.... I ♥ the Juicy Pear ones.

We were able to go see how a certain confection was made today...it was so much fun!  The name of this certain confection cannot be revealed, as it will disclose my location.   

I know this as well--I am paranoid. 

We had to put on hairnets for the tour.  Tee hee...I cannot believe I am revealing what a dork site I was.  But DH and Peanut are cute. The Peanut actually didn't even take hers off...probably because we were wearing them too.  Such a good girl! 


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Lucy Marie said...

Looks like so much fun!


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