Friday, February 26

To The One I Look Up To

If I hadn't mentioned it before, my Mom is a pretty amazing woman.  Not only is she a wonderful mama, she is an amazing Grandma, and she is also one of my best friends.  We are very much alike (like the element of surprise), but at the same time we are very different.  (That probably makes NO sense, but it's true.)

She is the one who inspired me to be a stay at home mom, as she and my Dad made many a sacrifice so she was able to be home with my sister and I.  Before I decided to quit my job, she was there all the way encouraging DH and me to be praying about it and cutting our expenses where ever we could. 

She taught me nearly every domestic thing I know, including everything from my love to be in the kitchen (DH teases both of us as we can prepare one heck of a meal, but how is it possible to use every. single. dish. in the house?)  to stain treatment (Dawn dish soap works great on grease stains) to the art of entertaining (I am still light years behind her--she pulls it off with great ease--I am usually a frazzled mess when the day is over, but I am getting better). 

She is not afraid to try anything.  She sews, she cooks, she entertains, she quilts, she reupholsters furniture, she turns trash into treasures, she operates power tools, she gardens--the list goes on and on.  She's dabbled in basket weaving, pottery, wood carving, knitting, catering, beading--you name it, she's probably tried it.

I just admire the fact the she's not afraid to try anything.  Except public speaking.  I was a freshman in college and one of the required classes I had to take was Speech 101.  Talk about scaring me silly.  As I was literally crying on my mom's shoulder when trying to prepare for my first speech, she told me that she was terrified to speak in public.  I will NEVER forget that day.  I was, what 19 years old, and I finally learned that there was something my mom was scared of.  I practically thought she was infallible! 

I know I can call her with anything.  And I do mean anything.  Usually it's cooking advice, but when Peanut was about two months old, DH and I both had these absolutely atrocious colds.  Most colds are usually just an inconvenience, but with both of us having this cold that was just kicking our butts coupled with a new baby that was NOT sleeping through the night, we were both exhausted.  I had been up all night with Peanut and I was done.  DH even actually called in sick to work (and he is the type to rarely use sick days at work).  I was debating all through the night about calling my mom before she left for work early that morning.  My exhaustion won out.  I called her.  I told her I was so tired as I had been up all night with Peanut and we were both sick and not getting much sleep.... She didn't miss a beat, she said when do you want me to come over?  She ended up using one of her personal days at work to come watch Peanut so DH and I could get some uninterrupted sleep.  What a life saver! 

Did I mention she is amazing?

I am so glad she's my mom.   

Happy Birthday, Mama.

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Lucy Marie said...

Happy birthday to your mom. What a blessing she is to you :)


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