Friday, February 5

A New Chair and a New Hair (Style)

My Dad had a small child sized rocking chair when he was a little boy.  He saved it (or rather my mom did) and with a new granddaughter, they had the perfect opportunity to bring it out again.  My mom painted it to match all Peanut's other white furniture. 

Now, while I don't advocate sticking your child in front of the television as a regular distraction, watching "Mo" (as the Peanut says Elmo) can be quite the helpful distraction while I am working in the kitchen. The Peanut, like most children, wants to be up close to the TV and I thought to bring out her little chair (once Grandpa's) to sit a ways back from the TV so she can watch Mo while I prepare lunch or dinner. 

She is pretty tickled with this Peanut sized chair!

Likes to hold "Mo" while watching "Mo"...

She has also figured out now how to go forward in her little self propelled car.  And that is just grand fun!


We are just about there with pigtails too.  Her hair in the front doesn't quite reach, but it will within a week or two.  She is looking so grown up...wish I could freeze time.

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Carla R. said...

So cute!!! Elmo was Lexi's first tv show, too! :) I remember when she was that age and she loved the little rocking chair at the midwives' office that we used to clean. That is so special that your parents saved that little chair for her! Love the pics, thanks for sharing! We miss you all so much and hope we can get together before too much longer! She's getting so grown-up! She's the same age as Lexi was when Alisa was born, so I remember that time well! :) Adorable little piggietails! Lots of love to you all! XOXOXO


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