Tuesday, February 2

Strike A Pose

I realize I haven't put much on here other than yummy new recipes lately...so I thought I would catch up.  First, the Peanut is quite the dancer these days.  Whether it's the music from her shopping cart, Dora car or a commercial jingle on TV, if it has a good beat, she is groovin' to the music:

 (please ignore the temporary trashy cardboard barrier between Peanut and the computer's pretty power button)
These pictures don't do her dancing justice, as you can only imagine how amusing it is!  Her dancing talents don't come from me, that's for sure!

She also has devoloped a love for books.  I've read that you have to have children attracted to reading by the age of eight, so hopefully this will last, as reading is such a wonderful thing!

I just can't believe how big she has gotten these past few months!  Even from her birthday a few months ago, she has changed so much.  She is no longer a baby, but a very willful little toddler!  She definitely keeps this mama on her toes!


Lucy Marie said...

Thanks for the update. I love the pics of her dancing - so cute. And how wonderful that she loves books so much ... keep instilling that in her :)

Carla said...

SO precious! I miss you all so much! Thanks for sharing the pics! Can´t wait to catch up when we get back! Big hugs for all of you! Love you all!


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