Wednesday, February 17


Please pardon the dust as it settles.  I have been redesigning the look of my blog and I think I have it just about how I want it.  I like the look of the "wider" posting column, so I have been scouring the internet for help on adjusting my columns.  HTML code is just about TOO much. 

I can see why those computer smarty pants make so much money.

However as I have adjusted things, I want to know, can you see the whole page? Without having to scroll left to right?  I can see the page just fine on our screen, but I don't want it to be a pain for others. 

Let me know how it's working for ya!


Lucy Marie said...

No, I can't see the whole page. The right sidebar is cut off and I have to scroll over to see it.

Carla R. said...

Same here, Jackie! It looks great, though! I love the new fonts and the pics are bigger! Your food looks so amazing, as always! Miss you tons!!!


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