Wednesday, February 24


The Peanut loves her books.  And there have been many amongst our friends and family that have indulged this love, so there are many board books in our living room.  I have a book basket that I use to keep Peanut's books rounded up in.  Now, she also has a new found fascination with the front door handle.   

Hang in there, I promise these two are related.

Peanut has figured out how to dump take all the books out of the basket and turn the basket upside down and push the basket up to the front door and use it as a "step-stool" to have better leverage with the door handle and deadbolt.  
Nice.  My little escape artist.  Thankfully our deadbolt does not open or close without leaning hard against the door.  That used to be irritating

Being the resourceful gal that I am, I had DH zip tie the basket to the chair leg, so we could still have a place to stash her books, without having to remove the basket from the room completely.

Not to be outdone, Peanut found some new leverage.  Her Dora car.  Which she lifts the seat up, and stands in it.  She uses this for leverage to crawl up onto to whatever fancies her at the moment.

Now, I keep reminding myself that I will be extremely thankful for her ingenuity as she gets older.  Right?

Just because I thought this was so cute.

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