Saturday, February 27

Late Night Snack

Although the Peanut seems to say several new words each day, hungry is not one of them.  Don't get me wrong--the child seems to be hungry ALL. THE. TIME.  And I feel like I feed her ALL. THE. TIME.  It's like she has a hollow leg.   Wonder where she gets that from... 

Anyway, she just can't say "hungry" yet.  But when she is hungry, she walks towards the kitchen, looks at me, nods her head, and says, "Mmmm!"  So funny

So two hours after her dinner of huge piece of pizza and practically a gallon of milk, she let me know she was starving.  Again. 

So she ate half an orange and a handful of crackers and drank a whole glass of water.  I so miss having that kind of metabolism.  

In other news, I have been experimenting with our camera lately.  I really like those photos (on all the great blogs I read in which the authors have WAY better photographic talent than I)  where the main subject is in focus and everything else is really blurry.  I have to dig deep to my sophomore year (in high school) photography class, but I believe this would be referred to as a shallow depth of field.  

I think.  But don't quote me on that.   

That and I am really trying to avoid using the flash.  Not big on the subject being all lit up (excuse that phrase) and everything else in the background of the picture being dark.  So I am trying to use as much "natural light" as possible.  Which at night, is kinda hard.  So this means turning on all the lights in the house.  So then that means having a slower shutter speed to allow in more light to "expose" the picture and with a fast moving toddler, it makes it really, really, hard to take good pictures of the Peanut.  Because she moves and the pictures come out like this:

I don't know how Ree or Emily or Melissa does it.  Lots of light and lots of patience, I guess.

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Lucy Marie said...

Kiddos sure do eat a lot! And I think your photos look great.


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