Tuesday, October 27

With a Few More Details

So I am definitely getting there as far as making our new place a home. It still feels pretty foreign though--it's all the same stuff, but in someone elses home! But we'll get there. At least the Peanut is sleeping better than ever before; I've only had to get up with her twice since we moved here. That's practically a world record!

I thought I would share some of it. There are some details still yet to be finished (like the drapes and a few pictures that still need to be hung), but you'll get the general idea...

Our little nook...I ♥ my little nook set. I have Fiesta Ware and the chairs match each of the colors of dishes I have. Custom made by my mom. And the table was built by my Dad. Made to order. I told him what I wanted and he made it. I am pretty spoiled! This is how I have managed to decorate pretty cheaply--I have very talented parents!!! Oh, and imagine blue curtains hanging on the slider and please ignore the box in the back ground...I told you I am not quite there yet!

Yes, the itsy, bitsy kitchen. I thought I didn't have enough counter space before! Good grief--at least there is a dish washer and self cleaning oven!

This is the "transition" from the nook/kitchen to the living area. You'll see my attempt at "fall" decorations. Don't get me wrong--I love fall, but when you have plums/mossy greens/creams for your palette, the rich fall colors don't really match too well and it's pretty hard to incorporate those. So a cream colored pumpkin and turkey it is. I have some cream pilgrims somewhere...buried in the garage that still needs to be sorted. Something also needs to be hung on the wall, but I haven't figured that out yet.

The living area. I once had many a nick-nacks and pictures, but those don't mix too well with a 13 1/2 month old. So sparse decor it is. At least dusting will be easier! Notice the half drawn blinds. To keep out of reach of little hands.

The living from the other side. Having the vase and digital frame down is really pushing the limits with the Peanut. However, we can usually keep her occupied enough to avoid that area.

And the half bath...once again pictures and a shelf that need to be hung. Where does one hide the TP tastefully when there is only a pedestal sink and no cupboard? Hmmm...

So that's it for the downstairs. I'll post the upstairs soon!


Lucy Marie said...

It looks great! I can't believe how settled it seems after such a short time. You must be working like a mad woman.

Carla said...

Love it, Jackie! It looks so cute and homey! Great job, as always! I love your nook, too~~glad it made a comeback! :) AND, a big YAHOOOO for better sleep! That's always wonderful!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Can't wait to come visit! :)

Carla said...

Oh, and for the TP, we hide ours in an ├ętagere (cabinet thing that stands above the toilet), or you could get a small cabinet to hang there...or maybe a basket with a lid?


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