Tuesday, October 6

Works For Me Wednesday--Cleaning Tip!

Kristen is having a themed edition of best cleaning tip....this works like a charm! I will be doing it this next week, with the move coming up!

* * * Originally published 06.09.2009 * * *

I hate cleaning our microwave. And I am probably the one that gets it the most dirty too. Ironic, I know. I just found a tip (from a magazine? although I can't remember which one) for such easy cleaning. And it's frugal. And it's earth friendly. But I love the easy part. Simply set a bowl of water in your microwave with several tablespoons of lemon juice and boil the water. It took about four minutes in ours to boil. Then let the bowl sit in the microwave for ten minutes. The steam softens any cooked on food (not that that ever happens in our house) and you can just wipe it down with a cloth. It's as easy as that!

For other great tips, please visit Kristen at We Are That Family.


That Girl said...

I have heard about this so much but it just didnt work for me. Maybe I need to try again. Thanks for the reminder!

Eliza Welch said...

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Anonymous said...

What works for me is after I zest and juice a lemon - I rub what's left of the lemon all over the surface of the microwave and clean with a damp cloth. Smells great


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