Saturday, October 31

New Shoes and a New 'Do

So has anybody else been having problems with Blogger? I have all these posts I want to write and the baby is FINALLY asleep without me holding her…and Blogger isn’t working!

We bought the Peanut some new shoes to go with her Halloween costume. They seemed just big enough to fit well right now but hopefully last for her Christmas dress. (I did get them on sale, so I don’t feel too guilty.) She looked so cute, I had to share. If only my feet were oh so cute and tiny!!!

I have also started to “fix” her hair each day and the two pig tails don’t work too well as of yet, so one it is. I then went to the craft store to pick up some ribbon to tie in her hair.

Well if that just isn’t the cutest. Like I said, I just had to share.

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