Saturday, October 31

A Day Off

On Thursday, we decided to take a day off from unpacking/sorting/organizing/hanging wall items etc. and drive up to the Super Wal*Mart about 45 minutes from NewTown. Due to the extreme cost difference in groceries, we thought it might be worth the trip. Not so much. Back home in SmallTown, the Super Wal*Mart was comparable to my beloved Winco. (That’s pretty distressing how my former grocer has become somewhat of a sonnet to me now.) Now, the Super Wal*Mart not much less inexpensive than Safeway or Albertson’s or any of the other grocers here in town. I guess when that’s who you are competing with, combined with the fact that we are in the middle of nowhere, the prices don’t have to be that much cheaper. Humph!

The Peanut is such a trooper and travels so well!

But it was worth it regardless, as we did have a fun, relaxing day. It was nice to get out and enjoy DH’s day off just relaxing, drinking our limeades, and enjoying time as a family. The drive was also very pretty with all the fall foliage! It was cloudy, but that’s the Pacific Northwest for ya!

Someone lost their pink ball!

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