Saturday, October 31


After enjoying our afternoon outing, I came home and slaved away in the kitchen. No, just kidding. It was just really nice to have DH watch the Peanut while I prepared dinner. No trying to keep an eye on the Peanut while having three different things on the stove. I could just focus on the task at hand.

I made Orecchiette with Mini Chicken Meatballs. It was sooo yummy! It wasn’t a very inexpensive dish to make as it calls for ground chicken (I used ground turkey which I got on sale), bocconcini (tiny fresh mozzarella balls), fresh basil, and grape tomatoes. None of those are typically ever on my grocery list, but this was worth it. I also used tiny shell pasta, as the only place I found orecchiette pasta was on the internet and I wasn't about to pay $8 in shipping for pasta, which of course, all tastes the same.

Definitely a keeper that would be good to make for company. That is, when we have some up here in SmallTown! :)

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