Sunday, October 4

Just About There

The Peanut's hair is really starting to get long. It is always difficult to get from the short hair phase to the long hair phase, because there is always that "in between phase" that is so awkward. That's where the Peanut's hair is right now. Her hair is really filling in nicely, however either bangs need to be cut or I need to figure out how to keep her hair out of her face. I am not ready to cut bangs, as they will make her look so much older. Plus once you do that, then those need to be maintained. And the bows to keep her hair out of her face stays in for about .03 seconds before she pulls it out and so sweetly hands it to me. Argh! So we tried pig tails today after she got out of the bath. That only took, oh, only about 15 minutes. As Grandma says, it's like wrestling a snake. Or better yet, an octopus!

Only the hair on top reaches for right now and then not even some of that--I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story....


Somewhat perturbed?

I'm gonna get that camera in Mommy's hands!

Daddy's outside!

Let's see, what's next?

Probably a few more weeks and it will be long enough to pull back without it falling out of the rubber bands. But probably a couple more years before she actually sits still for me to fix her hair and not pull it out. On second thought, maybe even longer?

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