Friday, October 23

Can Anyone Spell Ebay?

We are officially moved. Note, that is moved, not moved in. Although I have made a good dent, we have many, many things left to unpack--or at least to organize and sort through. I have been avoiding this post, as I have so much I want to share, but my thoughts are still so jumbled and frankly, I am still a little overwhelmed. Each day gets a little easier. But let me back up and start at the beginning.

On Saturday (otherwise known as Pack Up the Truck Day), we had a fun little unplanned event. It's called We Have So
Much Junk
Many Treasures That We Needed TWO UHauls To Make The Move. Yes, folks the 26 foot UHaul was not big enough; we had to get an additional 14 foot UHaul to drive as well. Having had our own home for nearly five years now, DH and I have discovered that we have this mentality of "We don't really need ____ any longer, but we might somewhere down the road and it doesn't take up that much room, so what does it hurt to keep it? We've already paid money for ____, so why would we buy it again?"

Our two trucks waiting for confirmation to take off.

For example, at our first (and only, for me) apartment, we had a cute little kitchen nook sized table and chairs. (Which my dad built the table and my mom painted and recovered the chairs, but that is not the point...their many talents would take several other posts....) When we bought our house, the house had only a formal dining room and a breakfast bar in the kitchen, but no nook. So we got a new (not new, but new to us) table and chairs for the dining room and stored the other set in the garage. Because, as I said, why would we buy it again if the opportunity presented itself to be able to use it once again in the future? Plus, the nook set had much sentimental value. And now, in our teensy little home, we didn't have to go buy a nook set, because we already had it. :) So all these situations equated to an extra truck. Which even in all of our justification, still seems pretty ridiculous.

I am hoping I can now sort through our things at some point and possibly make some of the unplanned expense of an extra truck back on EBay or craigslist. In all my spare time. Heh. Let me get us settled first and I'll think about that tomorrow.

We had several family members help us throughout the day on Saturday, which we wouldn't have finished had they not all helped in some way. Whether it was helping watch the Peanut or helping load or helping pack those last minute items, each person that came helped so much. Thank you, thank you! It was a long day (like 10 + hours long), but at least it was finished as planned on Saturday so we could leave for NewTown bright and early Sunday morning. Our Uncle also asked to pray for us before he left that night and that meant so much. It brings tears to my eyes, even as I sit here and type this. It was very special and we appreciated it so very much.

Auntie and Peanut waiting for me to find my keys.

I misplaced my keys right before we left on Sunday so we left later than planned and in addition, the drive up took us several hours longer than normal, as we also made several stops along the way. Having a little Peanut does that. We had already planned on DH driving the UHaul, but then my sister totally came through and pinch hit for us and drove the extra UHaul. Phew! Have I mentioned we have too much stuff?
There are no words.

So we got there (our five driver caravan--I drove our family vehicle, my Dad drove DH's vehicle, DH drove the big UHaul, my sister drove the little UHaul, and my mom drove up their vehicle so they all had a way to come home) and we did the walk through with our new landlords. DH's uncle (by marriage--the uncle the prayed for us) has family that lives here in our NewTown and they offered to help us unload when we arrived. Of course we took them up on the offer! Eight members (if I remember correctly) of our Uncle's family came and helped us unload. What took us approximately 10 hours to load took less than three and a half to unload. We were so thankful that the "army" as DH called them came and helped us out. What a blessing!

With boxes scattered EVERYWHERE, we got the beds set up and made and we all fell into bed Sunday night. We. Were. Exhausted. We slept hard, as my family had to leave first thing Monday morning.
Grandpa and Peanut snuggling down. 

This is where reality started to sink in and when things got hard. We (DH and I) were so busy all weekend that we hardly had time to think of the hard part. He and I went and picked up breakfast and brought it back so we could enjoy one last meal together before they were on their way. It was like the big elephant in the room as we ate our breakfast and watched the Peanut eat hers. (She is the life of the party, needless to say.)

I thought back to all the important moments in my life and my Mom, Dad, and sister have always been there for me. My high school graduation, college graduation, our wedding, buying and moving into our first home, and now as I moved away for the first time in my life, they were each there for me. Even as an unpopular decision as it was, they all understood (with some moments harder than others) and supported me and DH. Even in having to say goodbye to their first born grandchild and niece, they understood and wished us well. And ordered to

requested we move back at the first available opportunity. Which is certainly the plan.

But we also have to make the best of this situation even as hard as it is. My mom always reminds me that it's even more important how we act/treat people in hard circumstances than what we do during the easy circumstances. Let's face it, it's easy to have a good attitude when everything is going your way. But when the going gets tough, it's even more important to make the best of the situation. And I am trying to do that. Even with being away from my family and having a smaller kitchen (yikes!) and half of our belongings in "storage," it's still important to stay positive and focus on the many, many ways we are blessed and not focus on what we don't have. And I'll be honest, it will be hard at times. But all I have to do is look at our little Peanut and I am reminded of why we are here. And it's worth it.

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Lucy Marie said...

I'm glad you got moved safely. What a blessing to have a family who will come to your rescue when you need them most.


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