Wednesday, July 27

Nerding Out

I am sure every person (prior to being a parent) swears they will never do ________ when they become a parent.

Every person except me of course.  I have never said that. 

Oh, how I kid. 

Pre-Peanut (probably by a year or two), we were at my friend Sarah's house for dinner and their little boy, who was probably around two at the time was having a silly moment as all two year olds will do.  Sarah's husband looked at her and said, "Oh, there he goes....he's nerding out."  Of course, Hubs and I laughed.  Both at her husband's comment and at their son's antics, but deep down, I thought, well gosh, that's a little harsh.  I would NEVER say that about my child.

Fast forward several years later and I totally get it.  Peanut just gets in the silliest moods from time to time.  She starts rolling her eyes and making faces and she starts moving her arms around like she's a puppet on strings and she....and you know what?  There's really no better explanation.  

She's nerding out. 

Is it just Sarah and I?  What do you say when your kids are beyond silly? 

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