Sunday, July 17

Menu Plan Monday

It's a short week around here, as we are taking a trip to visit the Hubs family.  A little stressed, as this will be the first plane ride for the Peanut.  Thankfully I will have the Hubs to count on if either the Peanut or I decide to have a meltdown.  Not that I would do that, of course. 

Sunday-Steak, rosemary potatoes, steamed veggies

Monday-Quesadillas with leftover steak, black beans

Tuesday-Taco Salads with leftover steak (it's a BIG cut of steak)

Wednesday-Grilled Cheese, fruit smoothies

Thursday-Saturday-Kitchen is Closed! 

For other great menu ideas, visit the Organizing Junkie


Madeleine said...

Good luck with the plane ride. Im sure you guys will be fine. I took my girls to Europe (from California) by myself this summer and they did amazing.. so Im pretty sure your little one will do just fine :) Bring Ipad (or portable dvd player), crayons and paper, a gazzillion snacks and some new toys (get stuff from the dollar store or dollar section at Target) and dont let her see them before you leave :) Good Luck!

SnoWhite said...

Have a safe and blessed trip! I'm sure you will have a great time.

Michelle said...

Have a great trip, menu plan looks good.


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