Wednesday, June 29


Our gracious landlord invited us over once again to enjoy their pool and once again our response was, "What time shall we be there?"  Of course upon arriving, as she is giving Peanut a candy necklace and a big hug, she tells us, "You do realize I have completely ulterior motives."   Hmmmm, sounds like someone else I know.  Our landlord has children near our age and neither have produced a her grandchild yet.  So with Peanut, she can play the role of grandma-in-training.

She takes her job seriously.

Hubs had some one on one time with Peanut in the pool, which was good for her.  She loves being in the water, but only with Mom or Dad.  She's not too comfortable with learning any skills in the water, so it's good for Hubs to be pushing her to learn to paddle and kick and float (all fully assisted of course).

We also enrolled Peanut in a five week parent assisted swimming course.  Although Peanut has thoroughly enjoyed herself, both Hubs and I were a little disappointed with the class.  We should have asked a few more questions about the class prior to enrolling.  Children under three have to be in the parent assisted class, but this class is for newborns up to three years old.  That's a big age difference.  It's a half hour class, and you sing songs the entire. time.   I didn't expect Peanut to be able to swim the length of an Olympic sized pool when this was over, but I thought there might be some water instruction.  There isn't.  You just sing songs and get them used to being in the water.  So we were a little bummed....and wow, there are a LOT of children's songs I don't know.  Tiny Tim?  The second verse to Ring Around the Rosie?  Wait, there's a second verse?  Talk about making me feel like a terrible mother because I didn't know most of them (so of course neither does Peanut)....but then, Hubs kept it in perspective and said, "Well you've taught her Jesus Loves Me and Do-A-Deer."  Yes, there is that I suppose.

The silver lining is that there is free time at the beginning and end of class so we can teach Peanut some water skills during that time.  It is what you make of it, I guess.

And I do like lemonade. 

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