Tuesday, June 21

My Peanut's Daddy

Like last year, we celebrated Father's Day a few days late (today), rather than on Sunday.  Hub's worked all day long on Sunday--helping others have special moments with their daddies and families.  Such is life in restaurant management.  So we had a special day today instead.  It was going to be a nice day, so Hubs suggested going on a picnic.  I said sure, as long as you don't mind having PB & J--a picnic wasn't something I had planned on, otherwise I would have prepared something a little (but, not much) more elaborate.  Ever the paranoid I guess PB & J was just as well, because then you don't have to worry about food borne illness.

We got to the park and as we were finding a spot to set out the blanket, I asked Hubs if he brought the camera.  He hadn't, so I got his keys and started back towards our car to get it.  When I was about 15 yards away from the blanket, on my way towards the car, Peanut called out to me (loudly).  "Mommy come back!  I LOVE YOU.....We're girls!"

What a funny girl!  (She's very much into gender these days...Dolly is a girl, Buzz (Lightyear) is a boy, Grandma is a girl, etc.)

As always, our little girl had lots of fun at the park. When Daddy showed her underdogs (apparently some call these underducks?!?!?!) while pushing her on the swing....well, it was all over from there.  She was permanently affixed to the swing.  She did wander over to the play structure at one point, however the swing got most of her attention. 

A little girl at the park quickly adopted Hubs.  She saw him pushing Peanut on the swings and made herself right at home on the swing next to Peanut and asked Hubs to push her too.  So he did....a little begrudgingly at first though, as he later told me.  This was his day to spend with Peanut and he felt bad giving some of that attention to this other little girl.  However, he told me Peanut didn't seem to mind at all, as each time Hubs started to "neglect" the other little girl, Peanut would let Hubs know.  "She wants to go higher Daddy!  Higher!"  Peanut got as much of a thrill from watching this other little girl have fun as she did herself. 

And can I just share how s*e*x*y it is to see my husband take care of our little girl?  Just makes my heart go pitter patter.  I just love the way he takes care of her.  It's not like he was doing anything extra special...but to see him watch over her and look out for her and put sunscreen on her and make sure no one is being mean to her on the playground--you know, just being such a good daddy?  Yeah, baby--that just speaks to me.  That's probably why my top love language is "Acts of Service."

Warning:  Huge Confession That Shows What An Egregiously  Self-fish Person I Truly Am:

Before we had Peanut, my biggest fear was that our children would replace me as the object of Hubs' love and affection.  I was scared that he wouldn't have enough love to still love me after loving our children.  That he would only ever show affection towards them.  That he would only have time for them.  Of course, he assured me that would never be the case--and it isn't.  He told me that he would love me even more as both a wife and mother to his children. 

And I was never prepared by how much more I would love him in watching him be a father to our little girl.  And as I said, it's just darn s*e*x*y.    And in all seriousness, it's just so wonderful seeing him be a dad and it's so nice to be able to lean on him daily in those tough moments. 

My daughter and I are truly blessed. 


girlichef said...

Awwwwww! Yup, you girls gotta stick together ;) Too cute. Isn't that the life of us "hospitality" people? Always helping others enjoy the special days and we fit 'em in when we can. sheesh... ha ha ha. Sad, but true =)

Mason + Lauren Young said...

Jackie you're too cute!! You hubby is a special guy and takes great care of you both! I love your matching outfits too! xoxo


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