Tuesday, June 14

Tea Party

When I was finished getting ready this morning, I walked into the Peanut's room and found her with her whole entourage having a tea party.  Dolly, Rubber Ducky, and Buzz were all there.  My little girl loves the Toy Story movies--and she loves Jessie and Buzz Lightyear.  Have I mentioned how she imitates Jessie in yodeling?  Jessie was no where to be found for the party, but Buzz was there--much to his dismay, I am sure.  We have such a well rounded little girl don't we?

Action figures at tea parties.

Ducky had a big appetite (either that or we need to get some more glasses for Peanut) as her food was served in a saute pan.  Despite that, it was quite the party.  Everyone was already planning another soiree before today's was even over; it was that much of a success.

Oh, and have I ever mentioned our girl and her toe walking? 

I like to think it's the budding ballerina in her....but Hubs tells everyone we are training her to walk in stilettos. 


Anonymous said...

Ohmygoodness-I laughed out loud at hub's comment-that's too funny. :o)

Amanda Thomas said...

Awh how cute, looks like very clean and organized fun!


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