Friday, June 10

The Reveal

The picture taking of the final product actually went pretty well.  I remembered to take the pictures this morning (aka using as much natural light as possible) but also remembered to do it before nap time, which would otherwise provide for some pretty wild hair.

As I was saying in the teaser, my Mom gave Peanut a free hair cut graciously cut Peanut's hair last weekend.  We started out in the kitchen, however Peanut was mighty distracted on wanting to know what was going on behind her (Grandma cutting her hair) and she was just a wiggly. worm.  So we moved said hair cut operation to the living room and popped in Peanut's new favorite movie Do-A-Deer, or for most everyone else, The Sound of Music.   I typically only let her watch the singing scenes as the rest of the film is way over her head, but oh my gracious, does the child love this movie.

And to hear the Peanut sing Do-Re-Mi?


And my girl with her newly cut hair?  She looks so much older.  I don't have a toddler....I have a little girl. 


How did that happen? 


Anonymous said...

I was telling BA the other day about how grown-up Peanut looks and that she is a little girl, now. Lots of great memories... her "motes" among other Peanutisms. :O)

Lucy Marie said...

She is so beautiful! Love her hair cut.

Carla Renee said...

Oh my goodness, Jackie, why did you let her get so big?! ;) Her hair is super good, great job Grandma! :) Can't wait to see you all next month!!!! YAHOO! :)

Carla Renee said...

Ay carumba, that was supposed to say SUPER CUTE, not super good!!! I'm in an allergy fog!


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