Friday, June 10

Good Times

I mentioned earlier in the week that my Mom and Dad made a surprise visit up to see us last weekend.

And yes, I am finally getting around to posting about it.  That's how I am rolling this week.  I had a slew of pictures to sort and edit and with Hubs' days off, and well, get the picture. 

My Mom and Dad did call Hubs to let him know they were coming, but he was told to keep it a secret, which he did ever so faithfully.  (But isn't that faithfulness vow thingy supposed to be to your wife, not the in-laws?)  Of course, in normal Jackie style, I had NO clue.  Not even when the doorbell rang on 10:30 pm on Thursday evening.  Yes, I know.

But I have a legitimate excuse.


Just prior to the door bell ringing, Hubs had been down in the garage getting the garbage/recycling ready to go out for the next morning and I could. have. sworn. I didn't hear him close the garage door.  Enter said doorbell ringing--I thought our neighbors, who had just gotten home, rang the bell to tell us our garage door was open.  Then, when Hubs went downstairs to answer the door and it was awfully quiet, well, then I thought we just had some neanderthal door-bell-ditchers.  Then I saw my Mom coming up the stairs and I did a double take and well, you know the rest.....

Grandma and Grandpa bought the Peanut her first game--Toy Story themed Yahtzee Jr.  No numbers to count--just pictures and Peanut has been having tons of fun with it.  She doesn't really get the point of the game--but she loves to roll the dice.  And she loves herself some Buzz and Jessie.  So cute--Jessie yodels in the movies which goes something like, "Yodel-A-hee-who!!!"  And little Peanut says Jessie says, "HeeWho!!!!"  It's just about the cutest thing ever!

We also had some wonderful weather and Peanut got a chance to try out her new wading pool, which was tons of fun too...I apologize for the over exposed was bright out there that day!

Last, I let my Mom have at it with Peanut's hair.  She was due for a cut, much to Mommy's denial.  I had just wanted to let my Mom trim the ends off and then Peanut was so enthralled and distracted by the goings on, that she moved at the same moment that my mom was cutting and well, a little more was cut off than either of us had originally intended.....

It honestly turned out just fine, but now I realize I don't have any pictures of the finished product, so I will leave you with this teaser.  I hope to finish the rest of the story in the next couple days.  If everything goes really well, I might even post it later tonight.  But it turned out really cute......I promise! 

So, stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I love your posts, Jackie!


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