Wednesday, December 30

The Last Decade

One of my bloggy friends did this, and boy, does it really get you thinking!  It's crazy how much my life has changed in the last ten years. 


Living at home, going to community college
Should have been at a university by then, but was still at community college b/c I was working on my third major at the time
Turned 21 and had about three months of "clubbing days" and then I felt very convicted and decided I was done
Went to Hawaii for the first time with my friend S
Changed my major for the last time


Started at the local university
LOVED my new and last major--I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and finally had a projected graduation date.
Watched in horror as my country was attacked by terrorists
Contemplated applying to an internship program at our state's legislature
Which I finally did, and I was accepted


Worked for a senator in my state's legislature for the legislative session.
It was my first time living away from home.
Moved out from my parent's nest into my first apartment. I was 23.
My mom threw a surprise housewarming party for me after she helped decorate my apartment.  Let's just say it's pretty easy to pull the wool over my eyes.
Went to a Christmas open house at my mom's best friend's gift shop that would change the course of my life. :)
Was set up on a blind date with the future Mr. DH


Rang in the new year with then boyfriend/now husband at my sisters
Graduated from college after six L-O-N-G years (I don't know who was more excited, me or my parents)
Was a bridesmaid for my dear friend S
Became a Stampin Up "demonstrator"
Became engaged right before Thanksgiving, after just 11 months of dating
Celebrated my first official Christmas with DH (who was my fiance at the time)


Planned our wedding and survived
Got married and went to Victoria for our honeymoon
Shared a tiny apartment with DH, it was cramped but there were still many special memories
Welcomed our first niece into the world
Shared my first Christmas without my family, visiting DH's family out of state


Bought our first home
Swore I would never move again.  Heh.
Said goodbye to my aunt after a long battle with cancer
DH graduated from college and started a new career
Moved into management at the bank
Welcomed our second niece into the world


DH started working in a new office, one he enjoyed much more than the last
Welcomed my cousin's little girl into the world
DH and I replaced all the molding and doors in our home, a home improvement project I surely thought would NEVER end (but it did, and I loved the results)
Said goodbye to my mom's best friend, a very special woman, who I would have liked to call my aunt


Had some "battles" with a subordinate at work and changed locations for the last time--it was the best change of my life (management is hard when you want everybody to like you!) (and always remember EVERYTHING happens for a reason)
DH and I started making changes that would allow us to start a family, the most significant--buying a family sized new to us vehicle


Announced that DH and I were expecting
Found out that the Peanut was a girl Peanut.  :)
Completed a kitchen remodel (okay, I really just watched because of my delicate condition) that included new applicances, refinished cabinets, new counter tops and backsplash, and new flooring that was completed just weeks before the Peanut arrived (I do not deal well with home improvement projects)
Attended a beautiful baby shower given by my dear friend A
Welcomed our little Peanut into the world (Boy is that ever strange when you can start answering "yes" to the question, "Are you a parent?")
Made the decision to quit my job in order to stay at home with the Peanut full time
Starting reading blogs thanks to my dear friend S (which really made naptime fly by)
DH's boss retires and a new boss took over.  We never realized what kind of changes this would bring.


Loved growing into my role as mommy
Watched the Peanut make many, many firsts
Struggled to make ends meet as we lived on one income, but rejoiced, knowing we made the right decision
As circumstances because extremely difficult at DH's work, he started looking at other alternatives
Due to the state of the economy, DH considers going to back his old place of employment, but after months of waiting there are still no jobs in our area.
Started my own blog
DH interviews for a job far from our home town, is offered the position, and accepts
We find renters to rent our home to and start packing our belongings
Made the big move across state
Appreciated family more than ever as time with them is so very limited
Celebrated our first Christmas in SmallTown

What changes have you celebrated (or mourned in some cases) in the last decade?

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Lucy Marie said...

It's amazing to see just how much has happened in 10 years. Thanks for sharing.


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