Thursday, December 31

Prayer Request

I can't sleep...although the details are still out, we received an email from our renter's this evening that pretty much sounds like they are bailing. 

I am frustrated and confused and stressed. 

As we figure out this nightmare situation and try to find new renters or possibly sell our house (worst case scenario), I keep reminding myself (like every two minutes) of one thing:  In all of our changes these past several months, He has not left us high and dry through any of this.  DH found a new job, we found renters (temporary as though it seems), we found a new place to call home, we have settled in, DH is liking his new job, Peanut seems to be adjusting just fine, I am not clinically depressed like I thought I would be...(okay, the last one is entirely a joke).  But, in all seriousness, every step of the way, He has reaffirmed the decisions we have made.  

He has been faithful in providing the means.  Now I need to be faithful. 

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