Saturday, December 5

Mmmm....Homemade English Muffins

I have had this recipe for some time now and have been meaning to try it.  A special thanks, to my bloggy friend, Lucy!  They are fabulous and much cheaper to make than buying them.  I don't know why I waited.  Well, I do, because I knew they would take a good chunk of time and that's not something I have all too often with a little 15 month old Peanut running around. 

That said, because I made the dough in the bread machine, the rest was not nearly as time consuming as I thought.  And they are so worth it!  I did make mine with all white flour.  I know the whole wheat would be much better for us, but I am having a hard time using that in my baked goodies.  It's funny, because I prefer whole wheat bread over white, but I just can't get past it in things like muffins and cookies and such. 

Now I just need to get one of these

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Lucy Marie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them! I haven't made them for a while but you just made me think that I need to whip up another batch. And you're right, making the dough in the breadmaker makes it SO much easier.


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