Thursday, December 10

Note to Self

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Have I mentioned how things are a little different here in Smalltown?  When going out and about with the Peanut running errands, I typically don't have to change her diaper.  This is because I always change her before we leave and we are rarely gone long enough to have to change her when we are out.  Because of this, I leave the diaper bag in the car.  Exceptions are of course when we go back to visit Hometown or the rare occasion we are out all day and DH is with me. 

So we were out to lunch yesterday with DH's family who is here to visit and I wanted to wash her up after the meal.  The diaper bag was in the car.  No problem, she wasn't too messy, so we will just use a baby wipe when we get out to car.  Did I mention, that is hasn't been above freezing temperatures in nearly a week?  We get out to the car and the wipes are frozen solid. Nice, huh?  Thankfully, the restaurant had a "Moist Towelette" to clean her up.  I guess I need to remember to bring in the diaper bag each time we come home until spring! 

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