Wednesday, December 2

He is So Sweet

I had a code to rent a free RedBox. DH called on his way home from work tonight and asked if I had gotten out to use it.  Well, yes, I had gotten out, but no, I didn't get a chance to go get the free rental.  So he offered to pick one up.  Sure, I said.  He get's home and I asked him what he rented.  Now, he has really been wanting to see the new Star Trek because everybody has said it's just great and we rarely rent movies.  So what does he bring home?  The Proposal.  He explained that he knew I didn't really want to see Star Trek (I like action, I even like Star Wars, just really not into Star Trek) and they had G.I. Joe, which he has really been wanting to see as well,  but he didn't think I really wanted to see that either.  So he got a chick flick.  Awww....I just don't deserve him! 

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Victoria said...

I bought my SO Star Trek for Christmas on black friday for 9 bucks! We went to the drive in to see G.I. Joe.. kinda snoozy for me. I watched the first half of the Proposal and it was entertaining thus far..


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