Friday, December 18

I've Been Waiting For This

I am so sad as I write this.  I have complained about mentioned this to any that will listen.  I have been so impatient and now I am wondering why was I in such a hurry?  The Peanut doesn't want me to rock her to sleep any more.  Our normal routine was for her and I to brush her teeth and then I turn out the light, and rock her (in my grandma's rocking chair) to sleep.  Once she was good and asleep, I would lay her down.

For the last three (!) nights I have attempted to rock her and she is just entirely restless and so I have been lying her in the crib (she used to scream and cry if I did this before she was asleep, but now she doesn't even put up a fight) and rub her back and she goes right to sleep.  :(  I know we raise our children to be independent and I completely support that, but this is just another way she is growing up so fast! 

The reason I was in such a hurry is because I had read all these books that say if you have to rock your child to sleep or if they can't sooth themselves to sleep all sorts of fire and damnation will come upon you.  No, of course it wasn't that extreme, but I just knew that I was going down this road of her being ten years old and still having to be rocked to sleep.  (I always worry the most extreme of any potential circumstance.) 

Of course, I still have to rub her back, but I am sure that is just a matter of time before I won't even have to do that. 

Wasn't it just yesterday, she looked like this?

Sniff, sniff.  Sigh.

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