Saturday, December 5

100th Post

So many bloggers have done this. It's hardly original, but in honor of my 100th post, I thought I would share 100 things about myself. Let's see if I can make it. :)

1. I love dogs and cats.

2. We have neither.

3. I know now, there was a purpose in that.

4. I HATE anything with eight legs.  Especially those bouncy black ones.  *Shudder*

5. Pink is my favorite color.

6. However, most of what I own (as far as clothing) is black.

7. I think that's because what I like is not often offered in pink and black is the "safest" color.

8. I believe very strongly in self reliance and responsibility.

9. My Dad taught me that.

10. It took me six and a half years to complete my four year degree.

11. This is because I changed my major five times.

13. I have tried to “teach” DH, but he refuses to join in the fun.

14. I plan on teaching this tradition to the Peanut anyway.

15. My husband and I were set up on a blind date.

16. Because of this, I love hearing other's stories of how they met.

17. My mom encouraged me to color my hair in high school. She gave me a hard time and said I was supposed to being doing that type of thing without asking. So I gave in...and got highlights.

18. I love Diet Cherry Coke, but due to budget constraints when I buy soda (if ever) I no longer can afford this loyalty.  I buy whatever is on sale and cheap.

19. I love to cook.

20. In being a stay at home mom, besides being at home with the Peanut (duh), one of my favorite things is being able to cook every day. And it's been a over year and still going strong.

21. I used to tell people that I loved to scrapbook. And then I realized, you know, I really don't. In fact, it's such a project and drain.  What I do love is the finished product. I love the scrapbooks we have and baby's first year book I have done for the Peanut. I just really don't care for the process of making/developing them. But I still continue to do it, because it's not like the DH is going to take it up. :)

22. I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

23. I am not a fan of tattoo's.

24. Or strange piercings.

25. I consider myself a conservative person. Both politically and otherwise. See # 8, 23, and 24.

26. I love my country.

27. I was extremely thankful that when DH and I met for the first time, that he was taller than me.

28. There wouldn't have been further dates, had he not been. Well, maybe, but that would have been EXTREMELY hard for me to get past.

29. I realize that is pretty shallow. But a girl has her limits, you know?

30. Someday I want to learn to sew.

31. And knit.

32. I want to be as good of a mom as I had.

33. That's setting the bar pretty high.

34. I hold my friend S completely responsible for getting me interested in reading blogs.

35. And my friend A for introducing me to Google Reader.

36. I have some really good friends. :)

37. Some day, when we do get a dog, I want a Bichon Frise.

38. I would prefer to name him or her Snowball. Wouldn't that be a lovely Christmas gift?

39. However, if DH has his way, we will get a black lab like my mom's. It's the only dog he has ever approved of.

40. However, if we compromise, we will get a chocolate lab.

41. And name him or her Coco.

42. I am all about the cutesy names. I know.

43. I am a cautious person...see #'s 7 & 17.

44. I hate to iron.  But I do it, because DH goes to work each and every day, and I am sure he doesn’t like every part of his job.

45. I am obsessive about having an absolute balanced check book. To the penny.

46. This is probably due to the fact of working in the banking industry for 11 years and my frustrations with those who can't manage their money. It's pretty simple. It you don't have it, don't spend it.  I know I can’t afford a $38 overdraft fee for a trip to Starbucks.

47. I can be pretty hard nosed about certain things.

48. I have an addiction to Sonic limeades.  Is there a 12 step program?

49. As well as Starbucks Peppermint Mochas and Peppermint Hot Chocolates. Due to the cost, I don't indulge in these very much. But if they had a happy hour...

50.  Moving away from my family is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

51.  DH says I am a very black and white person.  It’s true.  There is very little “gray” in my world.

52.  I worked up to the day that Peanut was born.  My last day was on a Saturday and we checked in the hospital on Sunday.

53.  Having had a child now, it gave me whole new appreciation for nurses.  I always knew that job required a special person, but having been on the other end first hand…wow.  They are VERY special people.  I know it’s a job I couldn’t do.  I mean that in the kindest of ways.

54.  Being a second child, I am determined to take as many pictures of our second child as there are of the Peanut.  I totally got cheated.  (Mom and Dad, you know I love you!)

55.  I love watching the Peanut grow and learn new things every day.  No one can really explain how special that is.

56.  Being in the middle of nowhere, we just got cable (only for the local channels) and there was on offer for a discounted DVR.  OhMyLanta!  I had heard how they change your life.  I now definitely *heart* my DVR.
57.  When I was about 4, I got a needle in my knee from kneeling on the carpet, and it snapped and I had to have surgery to take it out.  That was the only time I have ever been hospitalized.  Knock on wood.

58.  I don’t know if we’ll do the Santa Claus thing with Peanut.  I go back and forth.  My husband and I did it as children and I don’t think it is harmful per say, but….I just don’t want that to be the focus and when children are little, I often think it is.  We so need to make a decision sometime SOON.

59.  These last few have been getting WORDY.  I’ll try to cut it out.

60.  I was born on a Friday.

61.  It was a sunny Friday morning in early spring.  No, wait, that’s my mom’s story to share.  (It’s something I tease her about.)

62.  I am a complete and total home body.

63.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say recluse—but I am definitely very comfortable at home.

64.  That’s why the internet is so handy for us types.

65.  I was once a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.

66.  I use the term “demonstrator” very loosely.

67.  I did it for the discount.  I am not a salesperson.

68.  Which is funny, because I worked at a bank for over a decade!

69.  In high school, I had a huge crush on George Clooney.  

70.  Then I learned of his political leanings.

71.  That’s when I knew it wasn’t meant to be.

72.  That was my only teenage heart-throb.

73.  I am definitely an old soul.  And not just because of George.

74.  I love old movies, big band music, Jimmy Stewart, Bing Crosby, art deco décor, the patriotism during the World Wars…I could go on and on.

75.  I was born in the wrong decade.

76.  EXCEPT when it comes to medical technology and advancements.  I am all about the pain killers, laughing gas, you name it, when it comes to any dental procedure past a bi-annual cleaning.

77.  I am often indecisive...see #11 & 58.

78.  I name my cars.  Preferably rhyming names.  Like Wanda the Honda.  She was such a good car.

79.  I love playing “Name that Movie.”  It’s always fun to play with my mom because I typically have about a 33% chance of getting it right.

80.  And DH for that matter, with him, it’s nearly 100% chance at getting it right.  A Few Good Men is about the only movie he quotes.  And he doesn’t really quote it.  He can give his own monologue on the entire film.
81.  On the subject of movies, I love Netflix. Especially for the TV shows on DVD.  Okay, so that made no sense.

82.  When we bought our first home, I made DH promise me we would never have to move again.  Heh.

83.  God definitely has a sense of humor.

84.    My senior year of high school was a cake walk.  I took Floral Design, I worked in the Student Store, and got school credit for having a job.  I left school at about 11 AM.    The only class I had to take was Contemporary World Problems.

85.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t some huge over achiever.  I only had a “B” average.

86.  Some just make high school sound so hard.  Not so much.  Life gets way harder after high school.

87.  I wish I possessed great photographic talent. 

88.  I am learning more patience than I thought I would ever have.  Having a child has done that.
89.  Despite #20, I find it really hard to be creative in menu planning.  I feel like we eat the same thing over and over.

90.  It is completely weird and strange and part of my OCD, but I CANNOT stand it when the screen to the sliding glass door is open, but the door is closed.  Drives me nuts beyond belief.

91.  When I was in my junior/senior year in college I worked as an intern in our state’s legislature.

92.  It was such an incredible experience and I learned so much there.  

93.  I am a Law & Order junkie.  Love SVU and Criminal Intent too, but the original is my favorite.  DH thinks I am deranged.  I truly can’t get enough.

94.  I cannot stand it when cashiers don’t face their money.  It’s even worse, when the bank teller doesn’t do it.  And let me tell you—it happens all the time.

95.  I am extremely thankful that my parents have been married for over 34 years.  I don’t know how people with blended families do it.

96.  DH’s parents have also been married for over 35 years.  That’s pretty rare for the both us.  But what a blessing!

97.  For as often as I am in the kitchen, you would think I could remember to turn off the oven.  Can’t tell you the number of times I go to clean up and oven is still on.  Sheesh.

98.  I can’t handle having a messy car.

99. I love getting mail.  Not bills of course, but the stamped kind from loved ones.  There’s just something about getting something handwritten with a stamp on it.

100.  As if you already didn’t know this, Christmas time is my most favorite time of year.  The month of January just stinks.  I call it Let Down Month.
Well that’s it.  Not so much in a nutshell, but now you may know some things about me that you maybe didn’t before.  Here’s to another 100 posts!

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Angel Reuther said...

Loved it!! I learned quite a few things. :) I don't know how you can have kids and NOT have a DVR. I wouldn't even bother paying for cable if I couldn't have a DVR. :) MISS YOU!!


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