Friday, December 4

Wii One

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The little Peanut is too funny and so smart!  DH and I were playing the new Super Mario Bros. last night on our borrowed Wii.  We were really getting into it and the Peanut was just toddling around the living room playing with her toys.  Now, awhile back we gave her an old remote to play with (batteries out, of course) as she is always trying to play with our TV remote.  This old remote was from an air conditioning unit we no longer have and it happens to be white like the Wii controllers. 

She has, from time to time, pointed the old remote at the TV like we do and we always get a chuckle.  Well, last night, I look over at her and she is sitting next to us holding her remote sideways just like DH and I hold our Wii controllers!  DH practically fell off the couch laughing.  I wish I could have snapped a picture of the Peanut, it was so cute and so funny!  Babies do imitate everything we do--you always have to be on your toes! 

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