Wednesday, December 16

Snow Day

After the Peanut had her nap yesterday, we were able to take her outside to "play" in the snow.  It all worked out so well too, because the snow came on Monday night and DH had Tuesday off, so we got to spend the day together as a family!

AND I was so excited because I had bought the Peanut some snow boots on clearance last year.  They were so cute and they were regular $19.99 and I got them on sale for $4.99.  My friend and her little girl (who is almost a year older than Peanut) were with us and I judged by her daughter's size on what size of shoe to get Peanut.  And they even fit!   So that was just too cool!

So without further ado:

We had to get her all bundled up...reminds me of this scene in a A Christmas Story...

She was not a fan of the "mittens" which had no thumbs, so they were more like little nub covers.

Daddy and Peanut
She wasn't quite sure what to think of it at first...
...but was more confident with Daddy right there.
The snow is so much more powdery here...not as wet as it is in HomeTown.
She got a little braver with each minute.
And then started to inspect "all that white stuff"...  (name that movie)
Aww so sweet.....
Hard to believe this was a year ago...
(A little makeup on my part wouldn't hurt either!)

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Lucy Marie said...

So cute. What a lovely day to spend together as a family. The pictures turned out so well.


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