Monday, December 28

A Merry Little Christmas

I've said it before and I'll say it again--it always goes by way. too. fast.  I can't believe that Christmas is over and a new decade is almost upon us.  We had such a good time though...we spent Christmas Eve at home enjoying time with just our family.  We had our traditional clam chowder for dinner and then DH and Peanut gave me a gift he insisted that I open.  It was an iTunes card to purchase the Third Day and Chris Tomlin Christmas albums I've had my eye for some time.  That was very special.  We were also able to talk to DH's parents on the web cam.  It was a nice quiet evening, although I did miss our usual tradition of spending Christmas Eve with my mom's family. 

We were able to sleep in on Christmas morning.  I figure we better take advantage of that while we can!  Peanut is a slow riser in the morning, much like someone else I know.  (That would be me in case you weren't aware.)  Not really a "morning" person or bright and perky like DH or my sister or my friend S.  Hmph.

Peanut just sat there holding her stocking for several minutes.  She was still trying to wake up and figure out what to do with that big sock.

She quickly got the hang of it though and was soon tearing the paper off each of the gifts.  Whether they were for her or not.  :)

She loves mommy's purse and all the treasures in there, so she got one of her very own this Christmas.  Complete with her own money, mirror, keys, and lipstick.

My parents and sister drove to our new home bright and early Christmas morning and they arrived shortly after I had put Peanut down for her nap.  Although very tired, she was extremely excited to see her Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie.  As were DH and I.

Peanut The Little Buddy wasted no time snuggling up to her Skipper. 

Peanut had a mountain of gifts to open, which brought back memories (at least for my parents) of my sister's first Christmas', where she was the only grandchild for three sets of Grandparent's to spoil indulge. 
Although Peanut is not the first on DH's side, she is the first on my side and has the toy and clothes collection to prove it. 

Peanut had lots of love to give her Grandma and Auntie.  She was very generous with her kisses as well.  Playing with her Auntie was especially fun.

I was able to show my family the Christmas town.  Peanut liked (at least for a moment) having on Mommy's hat before we left.   


All of us adults enjoyed evenings playing the Nintendo Wii trying to advance to the next level on Super Mario Bros. and snacking on lots of homemade goodies

Peanut also loved her music lesson from Grandpa on her new xylophone while we were playing the Wii.   She knew though that Grandpa had been engrossed in his book, so she was trying to hand it back to him. 

The best was just appreciating each others company.  In fact, I had such a good time, I forgot to get family pictures of all of us together.  :(   As you can see though, there is no shortage of pictures of the Peanut. She does change each and every day, so I was glad to have those memories. 

Although I am extremely sad it is all over, I am thankful for the time that we all shared together.  Now just 362 days to go. 

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Lucy Marie said...

I can't wait until next Christmas! You are right -- it goes by wayyyyyyyy too fast!


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