Monday, June 1

The Dog Days of Spring?

We had a wonderful weekend. The weather here has been husband says it's weekends like these are the reason people even live here. Ahh, the Pacific Northwest. We had tremendous weather here this past weekend. In the high 80's, possibly even the low 90's. We don't get many days like this in May or spring, for that matter.

Our daughter got her first taste of this beautiful weather. My parents have a large yard (much bigger than our postage stamp) and they got her both a new swing and swimming pool to enjoy. And enjoy she did! I am sure she will get her grandparent's money's worth of both her new toys. And to make it even better...the little suit she has on was one that I bought when children were just a twinkling in my eye. I saw it on the clearance rack almost three summers ago. I was sooo happy that it fit, as our little peanut is a little aggressive on the growth chart. But she is happy and healthy and that is all that really matters.

I am looking forward to many more weekends like this this coming summer. With even more memories...

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