Tuesday, June 9

Now it starts to get hard...

Our little girl is a happy little girl. Although she is only 9 months old, she seems to genuinely enjoy life. She is fascinated by everything (read: mom has to keep a close eye on her) and smiles constantly. My husband and I love her to pieces.

She had her nine month check up today and her pediatrician told me that she is in the beginning stages of "separation anxiety" which he said is completely normal. And healthy. I knew this would come at some point. But I (really, we--my husband and I) fear we have spoiled her in that she cannot soothe herself and fall asleep on her own. She either has to fall asleep breastfeeding, or she has to be rocked to sleep. She is grown very attached to mommy, which I wouldn't trade for anything.

In the last few weeks, when she wakes up for her middle of the night feeding, she falls back asleep in my arms and then within ten minutes (although it is usually just seconds) of laying her back down, she is screaming. Rubbing her back and talking to her quietly is of no use, she will not go back to sleep. She requires to be rocked/swayed back to sleep. Until being a parent, I was of the strict belief that you just have to let babies cry it out. Yeah. Right. Easier said than done. Please pray for wisdom (and some patience too) for my husband and I as we walk this new path. It should be interesting. :)

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Easter said...

My son, now 16 years old, was the same except we let him sleep in our bed with us. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. It was tough at times having "our time" but they grow up so very quick. It seems like last week he was still in our bed rubbing my face to fall asleep while digging his heels into daddies back.
Enjoy this time and cherish it.


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