Wednesday, June 17

Works For Me Wednesday--Food Processor Tips

I love to cook. It has been even more enjoyable now that I am a SAHM, as I can cook dinner every night for my family. (Yes, I realize this newness will wear off at some point.) But for now, I do enjoy it and like being able to try new recipes.
I wanted to share some tips using a food processor. My mom taught them to me and I wanted to pass these along as it seems so many people don't use them. Even the cooks on the FoodNetwork don't seem to use them.

My first tip is when using your processor to prepare a recipe that calls for fresh garlic, add this first. Simply turn on your processor (not the pulse option) and drop the peeled garlic through the feed tube. You'll have minced garlic in three seconds. No need to worry about big chunks of garlic or chopping it up before hand. This makes minced garlic super easy!

My second tip is when using your processor to prepare a recipe, don't bother trying to scrape all the food off of the blade. Simply pour out as much as you can from the work bowl and then put your bowl back on the motor with the attachment blade and turn it on for a second or two. The centrifugal force pushes all of the food on to the sides of the bowl, which is A LOT easier to scrape down with a spatula than trying to get all of the food off the blade with a spatula. I LOVE this tip.

My last tip is fast and easy bread crumbs. Simply butter a piece of bread and put in the processor. Pulse until fine crumbs. It's as easy as that!

For other great tips, visit We Are That Family.


Kristen said...

Great tips! I love using my food processor, too.

Bridget said...

I like these tips...thanks!

mub said...

That second tip is great, I need to try that for sure!

Erin @ Closing Time said...

Great tips! My food processor gets a regular workout around here, so I'm sure I can use these tips a lot!


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