Friday, October 21

Yes, In Fact, I DO Realize This is a Long List

So I just wanted to share with you some of the great shows and movies I've been watching.

Cause I am sure you are dying to know just exactly how I waste spend some of my free time.

If you are for some reason still interested, here are some of the little goodies I've, well really we've--the Hubs and I--been watching (and enjoying!) in the last few months.

This summer, with all the network shows on summer hiatus, we've been making full use of our Netflix.  And I've already mentioned how I heart my Netflix

So let's visit the feature length films first, shall we?

Killers~Sort of an action based romantic comedy.  This movie was so stinkin' funny.  Like laugh out loud funny.  Like more than once Hubs had to elbow me and tell me to quiet down 'cause I was gonna' wake the Peanut laugh out loud funny.  And let me just say up front, I am NOT an Ashton Kutcher fan.  But that said, he was actually quite charming in this one.  Despite my general dislike of Ashton, I do just love Katherine Heigl.   No, I don't/haven't watched "Greys," but 27 Dresses was just SO cute, and like said, I just love her.   Watch this won't regret it. 

Fever Pitch~A baseball centered romantic comedy.  Again, so stinkin' funny.  I actually discovered this little gem on the On Demand free movies early in the summer.   Such a sweet little romantic comedy.  And while I already loved Drew, Jimmy Fallon was very charming as well.   Although we really don't buy movies any more (we are much more judicious in what we add to our "collection"....and not because of standards, it's just a "will we really watch it THAT much" question), I could see the benefit of owning this one.

Taking Chance~A really great military drama.  It's not really an action film, but it puts a really wonderful perspective on what our men and women in uniform sacrifice for us.  Grab a box of tissues, folks, it's a real tear jerker.   And a really fine film.  

Now we will move along to the TV on DVD, mmmmkay?

Mad Men~LOVE this one. I heard about this show awhile back and then last fall I saw one of the actresses from Mad Men on Rachael Ray--isn't this where I get all my good info?  They showed a clip and I was intrigued, so I put it on my Netflix DVD Queue. However like most people, we have like 2,476 items in our queue so it was WAY down on the list. But then....this summer it came up as available on streaming. Well, it was pretty much over after that. Hubs and I were both hooked.  It is centered around an advertising agency in 1960's NYC.  I find the era absolutely fascinating.  There is no other way to describe it.  I mean, I know about how lots of things were during that time period, as my parents lived it, but to see certain things played out in "real life"'s crazy.  Like kids wrestling in the back seat while mom is driving, the husband giving the wife a peck on the cheek and pat the back and a "Good luck!" as she is wheeled into Labor and Delivery, or chucking a beer can in the park--just 'cuz there was no law that said you couldn't., so, so interesting and fascinating.

Now Hubs and I are impatiently waiting for season 5 to air and then finally became available on streaming.

Burn Notice~Love me a good crime drama.  And it's a funny crime drama with a little bit of romance, so what's not to like?  I had to get over the fact that Jeffery Donovan is the little worm in Hitch (LOVE that movie!), but once I did, I really ended up taking a liking to this fun little series. 

And ohmylanta--our final category--All the Fall Favorites Which Are Splitting the Seams on our DVR:

Parenthood~Love this show.  It's so real.  The dialouge and the way it is all acted out.....such an honest portrayal of family dynamics.  I love the way the intense conversations are played's just so realistic with them talking over each other.  That might sound really negative, but I (as well as Hubs) really enjoy the authenticity.  And combine that with the fact that the show has me crying at least once a week, terrified of the challenges we may face as the Peanut gets older......well, it's very consuming to say the least.

The Chew~I liked it....but not as much as I first thought.  There so many other shows I like better....I am sorta already over it.  I feel bad in saying that, but it's the truth!  So sorry!

The Good Wife~Have enjoyed this one since the first season, but it's getting a little racy.  I am shocked again and again of what they can show on network television, but who I am kidding, it hasn't stopped me yet from watching there you go.  And this one is in the No Watching While Peanut Up/Awake category.   

Rachael Ray~Really, need I even elaborate?  I mean this blog might as well be dedicated to her.  And I say that with the utmost appreciation.  She's so much fun and cooks great recipes.  Throw that in with all the fun little's one of my favorites.  And it is Peanut friendly, which is always nice, cause really, none of the others are.  

Charlie's Angels~Although I was a little young for the original TV series, I loved the movies and this new show is very similar to the movies.  And the new Bosley?  Well, let just say he isn't the old Bosley, that's for darn sure.  It's a fun new crime drama with lots of great fashion, so I love it! 

The X-Factor~We are very much Idol fans here in this house, especially the Peanut.  The X-Factor seems to be a great off season option to it's predecessor.  I don't say that lightly either, 'cause I've never gotten into The Sing Off or America's Got Talent or any of those other singing show imposters. Shockingly too, I realize how much I missed Simon.  He seems to have softened (just a shade!) and that seems to be working for him.  Plus my Mom (who has never watched Idol) is into it too, so it's been fun having post airing discussions with her.  Another plus too, as it's a Peanut permissible show. 

Unforgettable~Another crime drama, but sort of forgettable.  I mean it's decent, but like with The Chew, there are just a NUMBER of other shows we are already into and you know, we have a limited number of Peanut downtime hours, so some things have had to get bumped. 

Person of Interest~Hubs discovered this one and I have to say, we are both really enjoying this.  It's another JJ Abrams show (think Alias {loved that show!} and Lost just to name a few).  Jim Caviezel plays an ex CIA hit man who now works for this computer genius in helping save peoples lives.  The computer genius designed this computer program to help catch terrorist acts before they happen and in doing so, this program catches all sorts of terror (like murders and rapes), so they "work off the grid" trying to "fight" crime.  All in all, I'd have to say it is my favorite new show of this year.  If you decide to watch just one of these, this one would have to be it.   And not just 'cause Jim Caviezel, is well, you know, HOT.  And why do I always like the older ones? 

Once Upon A Time~This one hasn't aired yet, but I am excited about it.  It does seem that it will be a little dark, but it has a interesting storyline.  At least from what I can tell from the previews.  Some fairytale characters are cursed and thrown into modern day life and they have to adjust to the world as it is today.  Think the movie Enchanted but with a much, much darker plot.  I am very excited to see this one and I hope I won't be disappointed!   *****Update***** I really enjoyed the first episode.  I am thinking I am definitely going to like this show!!!

What have you been watching?  Any good new ones you are just loving?

Disclosure:  This is not a paid/sponsored advertisement.....I am simply sharing what I have been enjoying in these past few months. 

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Mason + Lauren Young said...

Omg can I just say I LOVE Parenthood. When the season started I was so sad I was going to miss it. It's the only show I've watched religiously and I've watched since season 1. Well I was able to buy it on Itunes and then watch them. I have one more episode to go until I'm caught up. But the one wear you cried, I know exactly at what point, because I was bawling and Mason was like are you seriously crying?! lol


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