Monday, October 31

Cowgirl Part II

In keeping with the cowgirl theme for the year, we decided to just carry it on through Halloween.  For two reasons:  a) so Peanut could get one final (official) use of her cowgirl boots and b) because I just have a hard time finding costumes that I deem appropriate for a three year old little girl.

And yes, of course, Bitty needed a costume too.  You guessed it, Grandma sent it last week. 

'Cause I'm a kill joy like that, dontchya know.  

 My mom and I came across the cowgirl costume at Costco (where else?) during our trip last month and thought, hey, why not?  I was a little disappointed that my mom wasn't going to make a darling costume like last year, but like she pointed out, when it's all said and done, it's cheaper just to buy one.


Once again, we borrowed our landlord's beautiful yard for a backdrop for the pictures.  The only unfortunate thing is that look at the colors of this year compared to last.  One wouldn't even hardly know it's fall...and these were taken in nearly the same spot.  Funny, right?


Anyhow, I am still happy with the pictures.  Now it's off to Hubs' restaurant for my night off dinner.

Have a safe and happy night, everyone! 

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